This page is to organize my journal entries. Newest journal entries are at the top. The following is a preface I wrote at the start of my journal on 7/10/11.

"I'm William Jakobsen, but call me Will, please. I live in mmfmfmffmm, California and have lived here since I moved in 2002. I could be a writer by trade, but it's been rough lately.

"The symbol for my website (top left) is from a document I found in the attic after I moved here. It had that symbol on it, dubbed "the Spectrum" by the author of the text. The paper was some kind of religious leaflet outlining the beliefs of a group or something, like what someone would give you at an airport in the old days. I could hardly make out any of the words from the worn and yellowed page. Using my magical tech-wizardry, I made a digital version. I never really used it until I set up this website. The name "Glass Heaven" comes from the paper as well. Probably a bit dangerous using religious phrases and whatnot for a journal, but the handout was really old. I don't remember hearing about them in all my years, and a google search isn't exactly fruitful. I can't imagine they're around any more. It's a shame I lost that paper.

"In the future I might talk about my friends Elizabeth or Alexander since they're my two best friends. We've been through a lot together. I decided to start up this journal because...well it feels like the right time to. Maybe it'll help me in my writing, I don't know. Either way, enjoy."

- Entries -

07/11/11 - I'm not Spanish.
07/13/11 - Dogs, Drowning, and Donation.
07/17/11 - Update.
07/18/11 - Found it.
07/22/11 - Blue Sky and Pictures.
07/23/11 - I may have lied a bit.
07/24/11 - Gee, that sure looks familiar.
07/24/11 - Mine is different from yours.
07/25/11 - Back to basics.
07/25/11 - Another one.
07/26/11 - Shaken.
07/27/11 - The sealed letter.
07/27/11 - The sealed letter, part two.
07/29/11 - Old Smokey.
07/30/11 - My meeting didn't go so well.
08/02/11 - This entry jumps around.
08/06/11 - Old Smokey had nothing.
10/09/11 - Silence?
10/12/11 - Threats.
06/08/12 - Scatter Light Protocol
06/09/12 - the matter of "oraet dajdio"
06/10/12 - the matter of the keys
06/10/12 - the matter of importance
06/11/12 - the matter of confusion
06/12/12 - the matter of the addressed
06/14/12 - the matter of urgency