6/10/12, 9:35 PM
the matter of importance

is this important
am I making you solve a stupid puzzle
rather than outright tell you the answers

the cult has a power
you may be aware of it
it's part of dark oraetde
a "binding"

they used a complex form on Will nine months ago
the specifics of his binding are
he cannot move
he cannot speak
he cannot act
in essence, he is frozen
time passes around him

the specifics of my binding are
I cannot speak literally about anything the cult does
certain liberties have been taken already
so the specifics of that might be different
than my guess

I am unable to break the binding
so it keeps me from saying certain things
not for fear of consequences
I am simply unable to say them

as such, telling you why you need to do this is difficult
the four keys in the Protocol will help
but know that if the cult succeeds in calling him
which they shouldn't, given my
but if they do

things will get very bad for everyone

why am I not bringing in the more official
law enforcement
or whatever else would work

for one
the cult would vanish again
it happened last time
all those years ago

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