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- Answered Questions -

Question, 7/24/11: I strongly believe that the first part of the message says:

"Wish you were seen"
"Wish you were here"
"Wish you were dead"

Are there any more markings on the envelope that may help with the translation, or any other information that was in or on the letter?
Response: No, there weren't any more symbols like that on the envelope or letter besides the ones on the scan, but I received another leaflet about the Glass Heaven that did (scan).

Question, 7/24/11: Just wondering, when you found the first letter in your attic, were there any other books or papers that were with it? Anything that would further explain the symbols or who the Spectrum are?
Response: The handout I found from my attic (the old one) was in a cardboard box, sealed with green tape. Besides the handout, there wasn't anything that I remember, aside from a black blanket. The Spectrum paper was on top of the blanket. I left the blanket in my attic and didn't root around in the box much that I can recall afterwards.

Question, 7/24/11: You mentioned that there was a phone number on the original leaflet that you found in your attic. What is the number? And do you know if it actually connects to anything?
Response: The number was one of those old ones with letters and numbers, but some of it was so faded I couldn't read some of the letters.