Gee, that sure looks familiar.

I found another paper like the one from my attic in my mailbox this morning, no envelope. This one had more symbols like on the letter I got yesterday (speaking of which, thanks for telling me what the first part said, look on the answers page for what it translates to). Here's a picture. One thing strange about this one (aside from EVERYTHING ELSE) is that it has an email address; the one from my attic had a phone number.

I would like very much to know who is doing this and why. Whoever it is is putting the notes or whatever in my mailbox themselves, given the lack of official marks on the envelope. I think that part scares me the most, some random person doing this and knowing where I live.

On the otherhand, this did all start after Elizabeth found the Spectrum paper in my attic. Maybe it's them? I'll ask them either today or tomorrow.

On another note, Sabrina is still missing. I really don't know what to do about that, besides putting up lost dog posters. But what do I do about Cali?

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