Found it.

I still don't know what to do about my dog. I suppose I'll just keep the current one, and wait for the sick person that stole my dog and replaced her to come forward or something. She is quite friendly though, and has a very wet tongue. I think I'll call her Cali.

Elizabeth and Lizzy (yes they are different people) came over to my house today to hang out. It was fun. We were rooting around in my attic when Elizabeth found the old glass heaven note! The note is a lot more clear and not as old as I remember. The paper's not even yellow. Kind of weird, methinks. Lizzy took it home.

We called up Alex and put it on speaker as we decided what to do this week (we like to have central events each week that we all plan to be around for). It's a bit unsure at the moment, but I think we're going to a nature preserve ten or fifteen minutes away. I haven't been there more than once since the fires, but I think it's pretty regrown nowadays. It should be anyway; it's been four years. I'll post after I get back with pictures (maybe). I hope it's not going to be too sunny, I'm not one for sun.

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