7/25/11, 3:41 PM
Another one.

I was sitting at my computer, just browsing around, when I heard the mailbox rattle. The mail carrier doesn't come this late. I hurried to catch the person who placed the letter in my mailbox, and I see him, just for a moment, running away down the street. I ran after him after he was blocked by the garage. When I turned the corner, he was gone. From what I saw, he was wearing a black cape, of all things. Oh and guess what? It had my symbol on the back, colors and all! Every time I see it I wish I didn't use it on my website, but it's not like if I take it off now it'll help anything. That guy knows where I am. I should buy a security camera.

Anyway. This makes letter number three.

Here's a scan.

A little less weird, this one. But I have to say, what are you guys doing? I feel out of the loop.

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