the matter of "oraet dajdio"

you are having trouble decoding the
aren't you

not that it's incredibly important
you just have to send him it
but it's necessary for the language

oraet means elements
some understood that immediately
the o in it is excused
as ora is a suffix applied to other words
to make them more
-de relates to numbers
as some have understood though confused
-de is something that has multiple
but similar meanings
one is that same as adding -th to four to make fourth
another is similar to that
in that they both have something to do with numbers

is something else
I suppose none have made the leap
and ever understood what adding -o
to verbs does to them
that part's important

I suppose it isn't common for you
to have seen it used
since the cult is "nice"

the word is broken in three

the creators of this arcane language demand that verbs follow a strict pattern
with no variation at all
tense + infinitive + suffix for pronoun + any additional modifier
in this case
no part of that word contains a tense
present and true

daj is a simple word
when you realize what it means
in the same way du means to live and to open
daj means something and to lead

di is correctly the word's conjugation
for he
or she
or it

o is something
when used at the beginning of a word
it can mean not or without
this is at the end
it might mean something else entirely
perhaps the original creators of the language were making some
statement when they made the prefix o mean not
who knows

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