It feels like it's been weeks! Sorry for not posting anything. So my dog went missing, right? But then I found her? Well, turns out it wasn't even her. Someone put her collar on another dog that looked like mine. I could tell it wasn't her because my dog actually walks on a leash. At first, I thought she was just freaked out or something, I don't know, but then I noticed that she was also missing a scar she has on her neck from when another dog bit her. So nevermind, I didn't find my dog.

Someone has her though.


People like that sicken me.

So that was the fourteenth. The fifteenth through I had to go visit my relatives in Idaho, and that made up the fifteenth through this morning. It was enjoyable enough. No internet access, because it's a tiny little town in southern Idaho and it's my grandma's house whose computer is windows 1.2 or something. Needless to say she doesn't use it.

Alex had an exciting Saturday, so I've heard. He found a burnt old building (they call it "Old Smokey") and there were people there, around a fire in the burnt out basement. He bolted when they saw him. That sounds terrifying. Alex likes to take me on those types of adventures, so I'm glad I was gone.

Elizabeth and Lizzy did nothing exciting whatsoever. Well, they went to the mall, and then the beach, and then the mall again where they went to the wonderful yogurt place where you can mix up your own or something? I've never been there.

Lizzy went to her grandma's house again yesterday. She found a...well, I don't know what it is. Lemme draw a picture...

Here's a link so it's not distracting.

It's made of very smooth wood. Obviously the thing at the tip isn't flat as paper, it's about an inch thick. The part below is round and near as I can tell, it's a handle. My hand fit around it comfortably anyway. I'll see if I can't get a photo of it, then you'll see it. Or maybe I can mooch Alex's 3dsmax... Whatever I end up doing, at least there's a picture above.

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