I may have lied a bit.

You know how I said I live alone and generally made myself sound older than I really am? I lied. Sorry, I thought it made sense, I've been lying to make myself older since long ago. I do want to make a living writing in the future, but it is not necessary at this point.

I live alone most of the time, though. My parents are divorced and I got to stay with my mom, who decided that it would be easier to be with barmates than with me. I get to be with my dad every other weekend, so that helps. I can't drive, even though I could if the driver's ed wasn't so eye-gougingly boring. I kind of like not driving though, because it gives me an excuse to go out with my friends.

My name is William (or Will) Jakobsen, and I am sixteen. I want to write stories for a living. I am sorry for lying. It won't happen again. Now then, what you came for. I located my scanner, so if I manage to steal the Glass Heaven paper from Lizzy, I'll be able to scan it.

On the topic of scanning, I found an envelope in the mailbox. I gathered I was the intended recipient. No stamp or postmark, so...I don't know what that means. Inside -- well. Here's a scan. I don't know what it's supposed to mean. The only thing I recognize is the symbol at the top. But why is that on there?

I don't know. Goodbye for now.

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