Blue Sky and Pictures.

Sorry about not posting for so long again. I've been procrastinating picking good, not blurry pictures. I need a new camera.

Either way, I have the pictures picked now. Don't expect any shots with people in them, those are for us. These were all taken on 7/19. Click for larger.

These look nice tiny! This was taken as we entered the preserve.

I can't tell if that green stuff at the base of that tree is a bush or tree regrowing. I think it's a bush, but I don't know.

A nice shot of the road. Off to the left on the hill you can't see, there are lots of trapdoor spiders. Or some kind of spider that makes doors in the side of the hill and grabs bugs and things as they walk by.

In the previous picture, you can see a little white thing in the brush on the left. This is that sign. The Witch Fire four years ago tore through Blue Sky and it was closed for a few weeks as they cleared away the debris. Pretty horrendous, actually. Also, you can see my current hometown's seal on the bottom there. The secret's out! Gasp!

I actually really like this picture. I may have to set it as my background in the future.

This picture might be before the previous one, but I don't believe so. This is the valley that got particularly eaten up by fire, and it happens to be the valley we go into.

This picture's cool. For one, it tells people in a nice way not to stomp on baby trees. Second, that blackened stick to the right of the sign is the remnant of the previous sign, before the fire. I like that.

I like this picture for the flat area behind the trees. Also, it looks like Blue Sky needs a gardener.

I had to duck under and around a lot of hanging things on this trail.

I don't remember if I was looking up or not. I think this is to the right of the trail. This is one of my favorites.

Oh yeah, who caught a picture of a deer he scared away after he pointed at it and shouted "deer"? This guy. True story, too. There were two of them, originally.

I think this is a power pole all chopped up. It's cool.

We made it out in perfect timing!

And that's it. It was a fun trip, for all of us. Lots of sticks attacked me though, and a lot of stickers got lodged in my socks and skin. I have a lot more pictures too, but they're all blurry or not for the internet. I might put up some more eventually. Also! I think I'll post a picture of my cat some day.

That last paragraph had almost no flow. I must be really tired. Goodbye for now.

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