Back to basics.

Alright, I think I'm leaving now for Balboa Park. I can't answer any more emails until probably one. I'll edit this post after I come back (double posting ewwwww).

(12:51) In an effort to get my life back to normal, I went out with Alex and Elizabeth today. Lizzy said she was busy, talking to someone or something. She's been kind of reclusive the past couple days. Anyway, Alex, Elizabeth, and I went to the plaza by the natural history museum. There are lots of street performers there. It's one of the few places you can see them. One guy was doing a really awesome magic act, and Elizabeth threw some money in his hat at the end.

Afterwards, we went to the Casa de Balboa. It's on a cliff, above everything. Every hour, the bell tower chimes the time in a really ominous sort of way. It made us laugh when it started to ring; it was so sudden and unexpected. The view from up there must be amazing, but we can't go in there any more. It's a shame.

That's about everything worth mentioning, I believe. No weird letters or emails today, so maybe everything's over and done with?

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