Dogs, Drowning, and Donation.

Sorry no post last night, I was out looking for my dog. Stupid, stupid dog. Heh. I found her, in case anyone is worried. She never runs off, so weird. Her name's Sabrina. I noticed she was gone when she messed with the pots and pans in the floor cabinet and freaked out when they fell and made a REALLY LOUD NOISE. So Sabrina sprints out the backdoor and escapes through the side gate that was open for some reason. I swear I remember closing it when I came home yesterday. Ah well.

Oh wow I never want to drown. Drowning doesn't seem very fun WHATsoever. When I was little my sister pushed me under the water and wouldn't let me come up. She would have kept going if Mom wasn't right there. That was a weird period of her life, always talking in the third person and never going outside. It was like she was possessed or something.

Tangent aside, I just wanted to let you know that I won't put up donations until someone asks for it. I doubt any will actually come, but at the moment, my fast-food job and money from my parents are all that's keeping me here.

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